Rochus Penz
Rochus PenzShareholder and Authorised Officer, Head of production
DI Martin Kunz
DI Martin KunzChief Executive Officer
Waltraud Wilding-Penz
Waltraud Wilding-PenzShareholder and Authorised Officer, Commercial management
Alfred Riesenberger
Alfred RiesenbergerAuthorised Officer, Area Sales Manager
Franz Steiner
Franz SteinerArea Sales Manager Austria
Alessandro Ziliani
Alessandro ZilianiArea Sales Manager Italy
Hannes Mach
Hannes MachArea Sales Manager Germany
Amir Ismic
Amir IsmicArea Sales Manager East Adriatic Region
Patrik Herzl
Patrik HerzlHead of internal sales
Ing. Nenad Mladenovic
Ing. Nenad MladenovicHead customer service
Ing. Christoph Kriegl
Ing. Christoph KrieglCustomer service, Spare parts service
Barbara Afritsch
Barbara AfritschAccounting
Bernhard Präsent
Bernhard PräsentHead of engineering, Designer
Christian Höller
Christian HöllerDeputy Head of engineering, Designer, International welding specialist, Head of quality management
Hermann Duer
Hermann DuerEngineer, Designer, Member of Austrian Standard Internat.committee

ON-K 027 specialization cranes andlifting appliances

Patrick Pijavec
Patrick PijavecEngineer, Designer
Ing. Rene Pachatz
Ing. Rene PachatzElectrical and hydraulic system
Barbara Afritsch
Barbara AfritschProcurement, Production planning, Reception
Ing. Elviera Penz
Ing. Elviera PenzProduction planning
Ing. Franz Fuchsbichler
Ing. Franz FuchsbichlerQuality control
Beat Berger
Beat BergerQuality control
Christian Restner
Christian RestnerWarehouse
Roland Prentler
Roland PrentlerWarehouse
Saudin Hujdur
Saudin HujdurWarehouse
Maximilian Blattl
Maximilian BlattlWarehouse
Gottfried Grillitsch
Gottfried GrillitschRepair/Service
Michael Piavec
Michael PiavecRepair/Service
Manuel Winkler
Manuel WinklerRepair/Service
Arnold Steinwidder
Arnold SteinwidderRepair/Service
Marko Krasovec
Marko KrasovecRepair/Service
Georg Pachatz
Georg PachatzRepair/Service
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